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radiophile used to be gypsy_sunday (2005~2012).

BLANKET PERMISSION FOR ALL TRANSFORMATIVE WORKS: It is absolutely fine with me to create any remixes, podfics, translations, fanart, gifs, graphics, etc. inspired by any of my work. You do not need to ask for permission first. All I ask is that you link back to my original work when posting it and that you please share it with me! :) ♥

give and take (AO3 only)
[300 words | Douglas/T.J. | R]
"You got all the good parts, and I got all the bad parts."

let yourself be found (AO3 only)
[3.3k words | Joan & Sherlock | PG-13]
Learning to live with Sherlock Holmes is a trial-and-error process.

Dressed to Impress | AO3
[6.6k words | Steve/Tony | NC-17]
Tony Stark is not at all prepared for the sight of Steve Rogers in vintage military dress.

Always Have the Last Word | AO3
[900 words | Steve/Tony | PG]
Tony is pissed, and he has a totally good reason for it, he's sure. Steve is determined to make amends, and he's not above a little cheating to do so.

A road trip down memory lane | AO3
[3.4k words | pre-series & S3 | NC-17]
Sam reflects on their first time, back when things were easy between them. Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt just drive. | PODFIC by lavishsqualor

take until there's nothing left and take a little more | AO3
[1.8k words | PWP | NC-17]
Dean keeps giving and Sam keeps taking. Written for blindfold_spn.

you're a god shaped hole tonight | AO3
[6k words | PWP | NC-17]
Dean tries to cope with his hunger, and Sam finds a way to satisfy him. (Coda to 6.05) | PODFIC by heard_the_owl

No greater love than this | AO3
[3k words | coda | PG-13]
Why Sam said yes. (Coda to 5.04) | PODFIC by pbfate

Tracing the blame (goes back a long way)
[1k words | PG-13]
The boys get drunk and argue about who gets to blame themselves the most for this whole apocalypse mess.

Tie Me Up, Dress Me Down
[400 words | Smith/Wesson | PWP | R]
Sam finds another use for Dean's tie.

Meeting the Smiths
[900 words | Smith/Wesson | AU | R]
Dean takes Sam home to meet his family.

Wipe the slate clean | AO3
[400 words | PG]
Sam is letting the world fall apart, watching it crumble with a smile.

It's a Terrible Life Without You
[2.3k words | AU | PG-13]
Sam Winchester tries to tell Dean Smith the truth.

Untitled Smith & Wesson
[800 words | AU | PG-13]
Dean Smith quits his job and tracks down Sam Wesson to join his crazy crusade.

Psychalgia | AO3
[2k words | coda | PG-13]
It's been weeks since Sam cut his palm on a shard of glass, but the wound is only getting worse. (Coda to 7.01)

[260 words | PG-13]
How long have the angels been watching?

It'll eat you up from the inside out
[180 words | dark!fic | PG-13]
After that hunt, Dean is not feeling himself. | PODFIC by musical_emjay

Drink it up, any way you can
[270 words | Sam/Ruby | AU | R]
Sam is addicted.

quite so new a thing | AO3
[7.1k words | AU | NC-17]
Jared has got it really bad for Jensen, the hot, tattooed guy working at the local bookstore. But it takes some good timing and extreme weather conditions for him to do anything about it.

Here for the Moment | AO3
[35k words | AU | NC-17]
When Jensen crashes into Jared's life, quite literally, Jared is only too happy to go along for the ride. What starts as a happy twist of fate ends up leading into something more, and Jared soon realizes his feelings for Jensen are only getting stronger with time. But Jensen is caught up in a past that Jared can't be a part of, and being happy in love ends up being more complicated than Jared thought. Adaptation of My Sassy Girl written for spn_cinema.

You'll be the rhythm and I'll be the beat | AO3
[9.3k words | AU | NC-17]
Jensen's not-so-secret crush unexpectedly shows up to see his band. The night just gets better from there.

Don't they teach you anything? | AO3
[1.4k words | AU | PG-13]
Jensen works in the library. Jared checks out lots of books. | PODFIC by juice817

We've come a long way | AO3
[16.8k words | AU | R]
Growing up in a small town, Jared and Jensen form an unlikely friendship. But are they too different to make it last? | PODFIC by ursa1ita

A Friend in Need | AO3
[1.3k words | Jared/Misha | AU | PG-13]
Jared can't stop thinking about that one night. Misha comes up with an unexpected proposal.

When We Were Young
[32k words | Jensen/Brock (Jared/Jensen) | Non-AU | NC-17]
Jared and Jensen's almost-relationship is on the rocks. When Brock shows up, everything changes.

The Perils of Young Love
[560 words | pre-series | G]
Neal hasn't always been this suave.

Untitled Neal/Peter ficlets
[1.2k words | Neal/Peter | AU | PG]
AU 'verse set a few years in the future in which Neal and Peter are married and have a daughter.

Lazy Sunday
[Avengers | Steve/Tony | G]

Wake up
[SPN | Sam/Dean | G]

Until Crow Knows Your Name
[SPN | Sam/Dean | PG | spn_j2_bigbang 2011]

Knit One, Purl Two
[SPN | Sam&Dean | G]

winged!Jared sketches
[SPN | Jared Padalecki | PG]

Center of the universe
[SPN | Sam/Dean | G]

[SPN | Lucifer!Sam/Dean | PG-13 | spn_reversebang 2010]

[SPN | Jared Padalecki | PG]

Water on your skin
[White Collar | Diana/Lauren | R]

Light and warmth spills from you
[CWRPS | Jared/Jensen | PG-13]

[SPN | Michael!Dean | G]

Falling for you
[SPN | Dean/Castiel | PG]

Jared Padalecki's dimples

The Road So Far (Master Post)

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